Self Loading Concrete Mixer


Generally compared with other concrete mixture this Concrete Self Loading Mixer from batching plant to site of work, But the invented SLC MM( self loading machine ) is self loader and mixer of raw material for concrete (Greet, sand, cement and water) at site of work or at site of raw material.

Other mixture can only mix and some other can move only the RMC concrete mixture machine ) can load the raw material and mix as per user instruction on site itself and mix all the raw material in short time ( Ex. 10 to 15 min. only ) and can move at any place required.


Increased productivity on construction sites due to on-site mixing.

Only one operator is needed for driving, loading, dosage and mixing operations.

On-site working minimizes transportation and fuel costs thereby minimizing the waste.

On-site working reduces the use of other expensive machinery, such as, concrete pumps, transit mixers, cranes, dump trucks, etc.


Speedcrafts and Dmix have always been very sensitive to safety issues in the workplace.

Our Self Loading Concrete Mixers are designed and manufactured taking into account improved ergonomics of the driving position and are equipped with modern safety devices.

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