Statement of Brand Change

For regulating international market and improving brand influence, our company launches a new brand Logo —–AIMIX, which is used for international business and abroad market.

“AI” is the abbreviation of “Artificial Intelligence” and MIX means mixing, with  distinct characteristics of construction industry. New identity also signifies our enterprise is stepping into a group company with fusion of human resources, technologies and multiple culture.

With our continuous efforts, AIMIX will become well-known brand in the world.

Distinguish Good and Bad Concrete Batching Plant

Generally speaking, many users are unfamiliar with concrete batching plant, and they only focus on the plate thickness in buying concrete batching plant, which is totally inappropriate and inadvisable. With the direction of professional technologists, we want to introduce the factors that influence the quality of concrete batching plant.

At first, users should pay much attention to the production material of each component of concrete batching plant. If the whole equipment adopt bad quality materials, it is likely to cause deformation and affect the production in the operation process.

Secondly, users should carefully check the key welding parts of the equipment, and bad welding is easy to cause accidents and result in great losses.

Concrete Silos Equipment


Thirdly, accessory selection is one of the most important factors that affect the quality of concrete mixing plant, which basically includes sensors, belts, cylinders, speed reducer, seals, and air compressor.

Then, users should pay some attention to the design of concrete mixing plant. Some customers think that concrete mixing plant is very simple, which only has a few components. However, some essential components are removed by some manufacturers to reduce their original production cost, and users have no notice in the purchasing process, which will affect the operation efficiency of your construction projects.

At last, users should check the control system of concrete mixing plant carefully. If there is anything wrong with the control system, it will greatly influence the production of your projects, which is also difficult to fix.

This is a brief introduction of the factors that influence the quality of concrete mixing plant, which is a good reference for your selection. As a professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer, Aimix Group Co., Ltd has long production history and excellent production technique, which is unquestionably your best choice.


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5% Discount at Christmas 2015

A wide range of people in the world always celebrate Christmas Day on December 25. Many people erect Christmas trees, decorate their homes, visit family or friends and exchange gifts.

To celebrate Christmas, China Aimix Group Co., Ltd has been 5% Discount for customer On December 15, 2015 to January 15, 2016. If you are interested in our products, such as Stationary Concrete Batching Plant,Ready Mix Concrete Plant,mobile Concrete Batch Plant,Concrete Mixer, Concrete Mixer Truck whatever you want to buy, you will enjoy 5% discount of every products.

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As professional manufacturer of concrete machine, Aimix provides good quality concrete equipment with affordable price. If you have a demand for our products, please contact us to Get Quote freely or ask any question you have.


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Characteristics and Advantages of Concrete Pumps

As a well-known concrete pump manufacturer and supplier, our company has varieties of concrete pumps for sale now. With years of producing experience, our concrete pumps have high quality, long transporting distance, and stable performance. Here we want to introduce the characteristics and advantages of our concrete pumps.

Firstly, our machine has sleek design, novel appearance, reasonable layout, and compact structure, which can greatly improve the rigidity of the machine.
Secondly, the oil pump and valve group adopt world famous brand, which can ensure the high reliability and good performance of the machine. The electric motor adopts SIEMEN motor, which can guarantee the smooth operation in the working process. Besides that, the diesel engine adopts Volvo, DEUTZ, and other high-end brands, which make the machine having reliable performance and strong power.

Then, the hopper of our concrete pump has large volume, no accumulated materials, no dead end and superior abrasion resistance. In addition, our pumps adopt large diameter and long distance oil tank, which can greatly enlarge the construction distance.

At last, our machines adopt double pump double circuit open hydraulic system, which make it easy to operate the machine and prolong the service life of the machine too. It makes the machine has higher reliability, and it is easy to judge and rule out unnecessary breakdowns of the machine too.

With so much advantages, our concrete pump is definitely the best choice. If you are interted in Concrete Pump series, welcome to contact us at any time to get a free quote.

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How To Choose The Right Asphalt Plant?

Choosing and selecting best asphalt mixing plant is not easy especially if you are new to the industry. There are so many things and parameters that have to be considered. The very motive behind purchase of the asphalt plant is to have a machine that is right for your needs and that it helps to complete your projects (target) without troubles. The best way to do this is to select equipment as per the market demand.

Purchase of this equipment is very critical for your business and it cannot be compared to any other road building equipment that you may have. This purchase will be a capital investment which will last long for many years as an asphalt plant cannot be dumped off easily. A haste purchase related decision can prove fatal in the same. When you go and meet many different companies you will have different views from different people and sometimes these statements can be different and vary from people to people. This can create a lot of confusion and if the decision goes wrong, there is no way back.


We are not just talking about low production or breakdown or poor quality equipment here. If you have made a road without proper mix the damage may not be immediate but after years when the roads starts to come off and this can lead to huge looses for the company. A very clear view, to understand what YOU REQUIRE and in WHAT BUDGET to make sure that it suits YOUR PROJECT, is what important to understand before you even think of approaching asphalt mixing plant manufacturers.

As a professional asphalt batch mix plant manufacturer, ChangLi machinery provides good quality asphalt  mixing plant with affordable price. If you have a demand for Asphalt Mixing Plant, please contact us to get a free quote or ask any question you have.


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