Multifunctional Self-loading Concrete Mixer For Sale


Self loading concrete mixer

Self loading concrete mixer makes full use of the function of concrete mixer truck and mixing station, which realizes the automatic loading, metering, mixing and discharging of concrete. Self loading concrete mixers can realize the transportation of concrete at construction sites. It greatly improves the working efficiency and reduces the production time and cost. With the continuous demand of construction market, self loading cement mixer will gradually show its importance and advantages.

Types Of Self-loading Concrete Mixer


SFM3.5 Self-loading Concrete Mixer

It presents itself as the solution to visibility issues that every other conventional mixer suffers from. Dead angles which inhibit direct view can affect safety and productivity, delaying return on your investment.mixer addresses this problem with superior visibility. (no dead angles)

The cab is integral with a rotating frame. Therefore the operator is in visual contact with drum outlet and bucket assembly through the full 360 degrees. On-ground supervision is kept to a minimum and cycle times are reduced

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SFM3.0 Self-loading Concrete Mixer

Customize your machine according to your needs…Conventional bucket or clamshell bucket. Skimmer or on-road- on-rail use. Pressure transducers or load cells for weighing. Alternative environment friendly powertrain solutions and Electric propulsion soon available.

It can realize automatic loading and discharging, which will largely improve working efficiency and cut down the production time and costs.The machine has very short mixing cycle, which means that the machine has high productivity and output.

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SFM2.5 Self-loading Concrete Mixer

This type concrete mixer presents itself as the solution to discomfort and “hard to operate” user interfaces.It has independent water supply system, which can ensure the high quality of concrete.

Twin joystick and limited toggles are in tune with a smart cockpit design. Zones of reach and comfort both comply with ergonomic norms and best design practice. Command integration confers better control and maneuverability. As a result full in-cab machine control is achieved. (Easy and comfortable operation)

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Aimix Self-loading Concrete Mixer Advantage:

1. It can realize automatic loading and discharging, which will largely improve working efficiency.

2. High working efficiency reduce the production time and cost.

3. The machine has features of easy operation, high mixing quality and high working efficiency

4. easy maintenance, which will largely save labors for your construction projects.

5. It has independent water supply system, which can ensure the high quality of concrete.

6. The machine has very short mixing cycle, which means the machine has high productivity and output.


In order to provide high quality concrete mixers, our company has focused on the creation and innovation of advanced self loading cement mixers for years. We try to combine the most advanced technology into our machine to meet the requirements of different construction engineering. By now, we have varieties of self loading concrete mixer for sale, and our machine has reached world standard level, which also help us receiving a good reputation around the world.

If you have a demand for self-loading concrete mixers or other types concrete mixer, welcome to contact us for detailed information and latest price.

Aimix Self-loading Concrete Mixer Specification

Vehicle Curb weight kg 6250
Drive 4 wheels
Steering mm 4 wheel steering
Tyre mm 9.00-20
Working speed km/h 0-9
Gradient ° 15
Dimension (L*W*H) mm 6700x2400x3100
Gradeability % 24
Minimum turning diameter m 8
Maximum travelling speed km/h 24
Maximum torque N.m/r/min 450/1500-1700
Engine Model / Perkins 1104D-44TA
Form Direct injection four stroke water cooled turbocharged
Power kw/r/min 81/2300
Emission L 4.58
Mixing drum Geometrical volume m3 3.5
Mixing capacity m3 2.5
Inclined angle ° 16
Feeding speed m3/min 1.5
Discharging speed m3/min 1
Remnant rate % ≤1
Concrete Slump mm 70-260
Hydraulic system Hydraulic pump CBF-32
Hydraulic motor BMS-100 Rexroth
Speed reducer HJ220
Water supply Water tank capacity L 450
Supply method Hydraulic driven water pump
Vehicle Curb weight kg 7000
Drive 4 wheels
Steering mm Front wheels
Tyre mm 10.00-20
Transmit speed km/h 0-20
Working speed km/h 0-9
Gradient ° 15
Dimension(for shipping, shovel dismantled) (L*W*H) mm 5300*2450*3360
Engine Model / Dongfeng Cummins 4BTA3.9-C125
water-cooled, 4 cylinders.
Power kw/r/min 93kW(126.5HP)/2200rpm
Emission L 3.9
Mixing drum Geometrical volume m3 5
Mixing capacity m3 3
Inclined angle ° 16
Feeding speed m3/min 1.5
Discharging speed m3/min 1
Remnant rate % ≤1
Slump rate mm 160-230 ±30%
Hydraulic system Hydraulic pump Imported Bosch Rexroth pump
Hydraulic motor China top brand
Speed reducer China top brand
Water supply Water tank capacity L 300
Supply method Hydraulic driven water pump
Net 8800kg
Gross 16000kg
Transmission Hydraulic
Brake Hydraulic Brake
Front and Rear
Independent System
Chassis Off Road, China top
brand axle
Vehicle Distance of Front/Rear Wheelbase 1905mm
Wheelbase 2155mm
Loader Capacity 0.6m3
Control Hydraulic
Tilt Angle 30%
Speed High 0~20km/h
Low 0~9 km/h
Min. Turning Radius 6.5m/R
Tire 16/70~20
Dimensions(LxWxH) 7011x2441x3310(mm)
Type A8QW0
Rated Power/ rpm 85kW/2200rpm
Max. Torque/ rpm 425N.m/1400rpm
Cylinder 4-cylinder/4.836L
Disel Engine Bores 108mm
Cooling Type Water cooling
Fuel Consumption 225g/kw.h
Starter Electric
Emission Standard China II
Name Item Specifications
Mixing Drum Drum Capacity 3.5m³,14m³/hr.
Bank Angle 16°
Rotation Speed 10~16r/min
Angle of Drum Rotation ≥270
Chute Swing Angle ≥60
Angle Control Hydraulic
Size Long : 106cm
Short : 40cm
Loader Weighing Mode Computer Control
Concrete Standard C15 . C20 . C25 . C30
Accuracy Cement ≤2%
Relative Error ≤3%
Water ≤1%
Additive ≤1%
Admixture ≤2%
Loader Control Hydraulic 4 Way Stick
Closed System Control Power Steering
Pressure 28 MPa
Oil Flow 366 L/min
Water Tank Water Pressure ≥240L/min Water Tank
Supply Hydraulic Water Pump
Water Tank 2X380L
Electrical System Voltage DC 24V DC Electrical System
Capacity 120Ah
Safety Safety cut-out
Name Item Specifications
Hydraulic Driving Pump China Top Brand
Type AP3V095
Pressure 31.5 MPa
Revolve 95 ml/r
Hydraulic Mixing Pump Danfoss
Type T90-R-075
Pressure 40 MPa
Revolve 75 ml/r
Hydraulic System Hydraulic Driving Motor China Top Brand
Type A6V107
Pressure 42 MPa
Revolve 107 ml/r
Hydraulic Mixing Motor China Top Brand
Type A2F032
Pressure 28MPa
Revolve 32 ml/r
Torque 178 N.m
rpm 0~23 r/min

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